Some YA Favorites

The Penultimate Peril” by Lemony Snicket. Dear Reader, if you are hoping to find a book full of laughter and ending on a happy note, this is not the book for you. In fact, you will probably not find a book full of more sinister plots and evil characters. But, if you are searching to find out what happened to the Baudelaire siblings after they jumped into Kit Snicket's taxi, having just barely escaped the Medusoid Mycelium, then this is the book for you!

In this next-to-last book about the fate of the Baudelaire's, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny pose as concierges at the Hotel Denouement, a hotel so vast that it needs a catalog to explain it. But alas, as I'm sure you suspected, there is no catalog available. Their tasks are to observe the hotel guests for imposters, determine one evil twin from the good one, and secure the sugar bowl.

The hote is full of guests, both friends and foes of the Baudelaires. Esme Squalor is hosting a very "in" cocktail party. Carmelita Spats wants a harpoon, Vice Principal Nero is demanding Indian food, and Sir and Charles want to visit the steam room. They keep the concierges (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny) very busy, possible too busy to perform the noble acts they have been asked to do.

Why are all of thse people at the Hotel Denouement? Why does Ernest, or is it Frank, want Klaus to hang fly paper out of the window, and what is in the laundry room? Reader, if you must read this book, know that there is never a happy ending for Violet, Klaus, and Sunny and this next-to-last book is no exception!