Some YA Favorites

Girls In Pants” by Ann Brashares. Between their high school graduation and their upcoming journeys to college, the sisterhood has one last summer together, one last summer with the Pants. They girls meet at Gilda's, the aerobics studio where their moms first met, to initiate the familiar ritual of bringing the Pants out of their winter hibernation. This night is about the Pants and the summer that lies ahead, not the time when they will say good-bye to each other. This summer they will rely on each other and the magic of the Pants to give them courage and inspiration.

Bee will spend the summer as a coach at a soccer camp. True to her nature, Bee did not read the staff roster before arriving at camp and is shocked to discover that Eric is also a coach. She's even more shocked when they're paired together for camp duties. Determined not to make the same mistake she made two summers ago, Bee sets out to forge a friendship with Eric.

Lena has been accepted to art school in Rhode Island and she is spending the summer avoiding her cranky grandmother. In between her shifts as a waitress, she takes art classes - that is until her father walks in and realizes the model is a nude man.  Now if she wants to go to art school, she will have to find a way to pay for it herself.

Carmen's family is expanding in ways she never expected. While rummaging through the medicine chest, Carmen disocvers her mother's prenatal vitamins. When she confronts her mother she learns that the baby is due right after Carmen goes to college. Now she's not sure if she wants to go away to school, will the baby replace Carmen? Should she give up her scholarhip to Williams and go to the community college close to home?

Tibby's chaotic life continues to swirl around her as she tries to sort out her feelings for Brian, her family, and for going away to college. Always slow to accept change, Tibby's mood this summer seems perpetually blue. Wishing things could just stay the same, Tibby searches for ways to accept all these new experiences.

Grab a snack and get comfortable -- Girls in Pants will keep you wondering what is going to happen next.