How About Some Sci Fi?

“Tenple Of The Winds” by Terry Goodkind. Sword of Truth, Book 4. In this tome of cuiousities, a devilish and sinister plague is unleashed after the Temple of the Winds is violated by an unknown person. The veritable maelstrom of problems would quickly overcome and destroy any normal people, but not Richard and Kahlan! Not so fast! In order to resolve the mass of chaos they must enter the Temple of the Winds through Betrayer's Hall, while the Imperial Order still tries to take over the world. However there is a price to get in as well as get out; what is it? Hmmmmmm...I'm not telling! In order to accomplish one goal, Kahlan must unleash a force that in and of itself is more terribe than anything faced ever before. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.