A Young Adult Classic

“My Brother Sam Is Dead” by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. In this book Sam is a Yale student and the Yale students went off to the war. Before Sam went off to war he came home and stayed there for a few days. While he was there he told his brother he was going to war. He told Tim not to tell his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Meeker, that he was going to war but that was not the reason he came home. He came home because he needed his father's gun. His father's gun was a Brown Bess, a well-known gun in Redding.
The next day while Tim, his mom, and his dad went to church, Sam stole this father's gun. When they got home from church Mr. Meeker noticed his gun was gone. He immediately knew Sam took it. A few weeks later the Patriots came in town and went to the Meekers' tavern. There the Patriots told Mr. Meeker they would run him through with their bayonets. As soon as Tim heard what the Patriots said he ran to Betsy Reed's tee pee to see if Sam was there. Sure enough he was there sleeping. Tim noticed that the gun was there also and he figured he could take the gun and run, so he did. But Sam woke up when Tim started to run and Sam was a much faster runner, so Sam ran him down and tackled Tim to take the gun away.
 A few months later Tim and his father went to Verplanks Point and sold their cattle. On the way back, Tim's father went ahead to see the condition of the road. Tim's father never came back, so Tim lead the oxen and followed the horse tracks from his father. He stopped at the insertion that led to Redding and to the British territory. There were no hoof prints leading to Redding. They all lead to British territory....
Read this book and see what happens-